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Have you ever bought an application because you’ve read nice reviews about it, but when you started using it, you’ve realized that it’s not as great as you’ve expected and no longer wish to keep it installed on your device? You’ve already spent a few bucks on it and want to get your money back. Luckily, Google has added a refund process built right into the Play Store, which is very simple, but you will need to act quickly, to submit a refund request within two hours after purchasing an application.

Getting a refund is not impossible and the first thing you will do is to open Google Play Store app, go to the page of the application that you’ve purchased and click on the REFUND button. If you won’t see it, it means that two hours have passed already and you are no longer allowed to use the REFUND option. We must warn you that once you’ve been refunded for the purchase of an application, you won’t get the money back after buying it for the second time.

In case you’ve missed the two-hour window, don’t panic. There are still minor chances to get your money back by contacting the app developer and requesting for a refund. You will explain why you’re disappointed of the application’s features and maybe the creator will understand you and return your investment.

You will need to go to the developer’s page and find out the contact details, such as an email address, then compose a convincing message, in which you’ll tell him that why the application or the game has disappointed you.

If you’re purchasing a free application or game, you’ll be tempted to make in-app purchases, which are a source of avenue for these developers. It’s harder to get a refund for an in-app purchase, because the two-hour refund button isn’t available for these types of transactions. The developers may not always listen to your complaints and they will have the right to disagree with you. The decision to accept or not your refund is only theirs.