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In the past months, the internet was flooded with websites that asked for details (email addresses) from users who were interested in finding out information about the upcoming Pokemon GO AR game and the beta testing. The Pokémon Company has warned the gamers that those websites are false and only on the Pokémon GO official site will be posted news about this game.

Pokémon GO will be played on Android and iOS and will be launched this year. It will be an augmented reality game that will arrive later this year, alongside the Pokémon Go Plus, which will be worn around the wrist. This small wearable created by Nintendo and which will connect to the phone via Bluetooth will notify the players when a Pokémon will be nearby, using an LED and vibration. So, the players will catch Pokémon, train them and send them to battle, or trade them with other Pokémon from all over the world.

The game was announced in September, when the Pokémon Company has released a trailer for it, then in December was given little information about it, how it works, and in the next days, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke will host a session about this game at the Game Developers Conference, which will take place in San Francisco. Maybe this time, we’ll find out about the official release date of the Pokemon GO game.

The Beta Testing of the Pokemon GO will launch soon in Japan, then in other regions, and if everything will go well and the players will give positive feedback, the developers will fix the potential bugs and release the game worldwide. The Pokemon Company has just received $5 million in funding from various companies, such as Fuji Television, The Alsop Louie Partners venture firm etc. and the game will surely benefit from a large percentage of the total amount of money.