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King, the developer behind quite possibly the most recognised game ever on mobile devices, Candy Crush Saga, have released 15 new levels for their candy-filled puzzle game. This latest increase has brought the total number of levels in Candy Crush Saga to a whopping 2,260. For any fans of this particular game, well, you have more than plenty on your hands to play with!

King had teased their announcement for new levels on their Twitter, with many fans expressing their need for these new levels. The developer had done little more than announce these levels on their Twitter and Facebook, because as per usual, King make the decision to skip out on teasing images of the new levels, in the form of a typical announcement.

It had only taken around 2 days from the initial announcement before these new levels were released to the masses, both on desktop computers and mobile devices. From the looks of things, though, players on Facebook have expressed a numerous amount of feedback on the game, a fair amount of them being related to levels or glitches in the game that need to be fixed. But, looking through the posts there doesn’t appear to be any real word from King in relation to these problems whatsoever.

I’m sure it’s nice for a number of players who have managed to get that far into Candy Crush Saga to enjoy these new levels, but there are other players encountering problems in the game that they need fixed to proceed further. These issues might be something King wants to look into at some point, as a number of individuals appear to be less happy about the new levels when they can’t make it any further.