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According to a post in the Microsoft’s community forums, the Flash Player no longer loads in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer unless an administrator account is being used. Currently, there is no way to fix this, which means that you will need an administrator account to run the Flash Player on a computer that has Windows 10 installed on it.

It seems that some users have claimed that they are browsing the web using a standard account in order to prevent exposing their PCs to online threats. Unfortunately, now they will need to enable administrator privileges in order to run the Flash Player, which can cause their computers to be in danger once again. We remind you that the Adobe Flash Player has many security issues and this already made big companies to ditch it for the HTML5.

Adobe has started to update its Flash Player very frequently in order to “save” it, but we’re pretty sure that it is just a matter of time until most of the companies will start using HTML5 instead of the old Flash Player.

It is good to know that not all the computers that run on Windows 10 OS have this issue. With other words, it should be a new update that Microsoft has released, which is not allowing the standard user accounts on Windows 10 to run the Adobe Flash Player. Microsoft didn’t confirm yet if they’ve released an update that doesn’t allow the standard user accounts on Windows 10 to run Adobe Flash Player, but, hopefully, they will make an official statement about it soon.

We’re pretty sure that once Microsoft founds the issue, a new update will be released and it will fix the problem. Some users have reported that they’ve fixed this issue by uninstalling the January 2016 and February 2016 updates. So, if you want to solve this issue before Microsoft releases a new update, you can try that and see if it works for you.