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For 12 years now, Google Earth has brought the ability to explore the entire world from the click of a button. Without needing to step on a plane or even put on pants for that matter, anyone with a fast Internet connection can view the intricate skyscrapers of New York, explore the mysterious desert patterns in Egypt, or marvel over the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park, for free.

It’s not surprising that so many out there love Google Earth and all it has to offer, but many still don’t know that the Pro version is now free as well.

Once upon a time, Google Earth Pro used to cost users $399 but it did come with some pretty awesome exclusive features. Now that it’s free, here are 8 tricks you should check out.

  1. Share a tour with your friends

With Google Earth Pro, you can record and share your journeys, whether that is on a tour, from a street view, or anything else in between. It can even produce a sharing file to later be posted on YouTube.

  1. Learn about the world

Have you ever wondered what state has the highest voter turnout rate or what city has the highest population? If you’ve ever pondered questions like these, you will marvel at Google Earth Pro’s additional datasets relating to demography and geography.

  1. Find out how bad the traffic is

This may not have real-time data that Android users have with Google Maps but with Google Earth Pro, you can find historical traffic data. It may come in handy if you’re planning a road trip or moving to a new place and need to see how long it will take to get to work.

  1. Solve a property dispute

Simply put, property disputes are rough. With Google Earth’s parcel data, you can find out who owns what land easily and quickly.

  1. Take a trip through history

If you’ve ever wanted to explore history like, let’s say, Paris in 1947, you can thanks to Google Earth’s historical satellite data. They even have datasets produced by charities, companies, non-governmental organizations, and ecological destruction.

  1. Print ultra-high resolution images

A great advantage of Google Earth Pro is the ability to print ultra-high resolution images and even a feature allowing you to measure and superimpose your own 3D building mock-ups.

  1. Track the progression of light

Most people don’t think about how the sunlight will hit their home before they buy or build their home, only to seriously regret their lighting. This tool has the ability to glide back and forward in time, watching the shadows transform. Hunters and fisherman could find this tool quite helpful.

  1. Take to the stars

Astronomy fans can leave the world behind and learn more about the stars. The sky option allows you to look up to the stars and move around the sky as you can across the Earth.

If you want to explore all the world has to offer in ways you never thought possible, Google Earth Pro has some awesome features for you.