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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was incredibly successful, with many places naming the open world RPG as Game of the Year in 2015. Its first expansion, Hearts of Stone, came out in October and was just as successful—with some players even considering it better than the main game.

One more expansion is due out later this year. While we don’t know a lot of about Blood and Wine, what little we do know suggests it might be about vampires.

The reference to blood in the title is one clue, but there’s more to it than that. In the Witcher 3 trailer “A Night to Remember,” Geralt fights a creature that is either a bruxa or an alp, both of which are types of vampires. The trailer concludes with him riding toward what appears to be Toussaint, the city where Blood and Wine will be set.

Toussaint is known for its wine (along with its knights and love of tradition). In the DLC, it will also be home to “an ancient, bloody secret.” This statement is one of a few details revealed about the expansion, although we still know very little. When asked about returning characters, CD Projekt Red said Blood and Wine would involve characters “both new and dearly missed.”

Many fans have taken the title, the connection to the trailer, and the “bloody secret” to mean this expansion will feature vampires, but players who have also read the Witcher novels have one more reason to hope vampires are at the center of this expansion. Ever since The Witcher 3 was announced, several fans have hoped for an appearance by one character—a beloved character who would certainly be described as “dearly missed”—who happens to be a high vampire.

He did not appear in the main game or its first expansion, not even in a flashback, which is the most logical way for him to be featured. Blood and Wine is our last chance to see him in the game, and with a potential vampire theme, it’s our best chance yet.

Do you think The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion will feature vampires? Do you think it will include that certain character (whose name I haven’t given for the sake of people still reading the novels, as he isn’t initially revealed as a vampire) in either the present or a flashback? Let us know in the comments!