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The Game Developers Conference will kick off on March 14 and will end on March 18, and Sony has announced that will organize a PlayStation VR-focused event on March 15 and started sending out invitations. The company hasn’t mentioned anything else about its upcoming virtual reality headset, but we’re hoping that in a few days, we’ll finally know when it will be released and how much it will cost.

GDC isn’t an event where manufacturers usually reveal their latest products, but let’s not forget that two years ago was presented the PlayStation VR, which was firstly codenamed Project Morpheus, and it was in its incipient phase. Sony had plenty time to work on its specs and features and now it’s getting ready to finally release it, but will have serious competition, because the market will be filled soon with VR headsets and the most ferocious rivals of the PlayStation VR will be the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, built in collaboration with Valve.

These two devices are available for preorder and their release dates have been announced, alongside their prices. So, if the Oculus Rift will be sold for $600, the Vive will be $200 more expensive and both of them will depend on the specs of a high-end PC.

According to Sony CEO Andrew House, the PlayStation VR will have a similar price as a new console. If the predictions of GameStop Paul Raines will come true, then the device will arrive in the fall.

Sony has revealed a first prototype at the GDC 2015, and the device has an OLED 1920×1080 pixel display with a resolution of 960×1080 pixels for each eye. Content is displayed at 120fps and the field of view is 100 degrees. The headset supports 6DOF head-tracking, it has a stereoscopic 3D and can be connected to a TV, so that other people can view what you’re seeing with this device. The owners of the upcoming PlayStation VR will be able to play games with it and the developers have already released or announced that they’re working on some titles.