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Clash of Clans’ popularity is in a continuous growth and Supercell knows how to make the players happy, by improving the game every now and then. The developer has worked on the matchmaking algorithm and the players will now match up accurately. Until now, the players were getting opponents with a few levels above them and they had very low chances to win the battle.

It’s not the same thing to match up with a random village and to have clan wars with more dangerous opponents. Supercell has updated matchmaking in order to create a balance in the game, focusing more on the defensive progress of the player’s village, rather than the offensive progress.

The overall win/loss record will continue to be an important factor, but the developer wanted to improve the way the gamers are playing Clash of Clans as a whole. Previously, the players were improving their offence, instead of their defense and this wasn’t a good strategy, because while they were winning a few battles, their villages weren’t so well protected and when they were attacked, the players suffered serious damages.

The new update will take players back to the basics of the game and they will learn how to defend their villages more efficiently. One of the things that the players should take into consideration is that troops can’t be dropped onto buildings, as the developers have built a “keep out” zone in that part of the game. But the matchmaking will take into consideration every change that has been done for the improvement of the defense. So, the more changes, the better.

There are reports suggesting that Supercell will add new troops, but no details have been given about them. And the developer hasn’t confirmed this change yet, but we’re hoping to hear an official statement in the near future.

Supercell has been busy working on Clash Royale, a real-time multiplayer game, where the players collect cards (with Clash of Clans characters) and duel other players, in real time.

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