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We do not have a back button iPhone and it is irritating sometimes while performing the tasks in a hurry. By the time, Android introduced the very famous and useful Back button; it was a hit amongst the users. You just have to click on the right side of your Android device and you are back to Home Screen or to the thing that you were checking out earlier. This is the reason that iOS users want this button too.

Though, Apple made some changes to overcome this mistake or issue in their iOS devices, which gives you the feeling of having Back button. That Back option on the left side of the screen top makes it pretty tricky to handle the phone and click it at the same time and seriously, it is not working too.

The news is in the market that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S series have got this Hardware back button in the form of screen protector and it is useful too.

You cannot only use it for the Back purpose, but for the Return and Select thing too.

With this screen protector, you can actually connect the left and right side of the Touch ID to the top areas. This way, when you click on the downside or around the Touch ID, Home side, they work in the same way as Edit/Select or Back options work.

This amazing screen protector is available for $10 only and if you have a huge iPhone, then you might just able to use the Hardware button only.