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Some of the features that the upcoming Clash of Clans March Update will come with have been leaked. It seems that some new troops will be added, while the Healer will receive a big nerf. At the same time, the new patch will bring some improvements to the matchmaking system.

It seems that there will be 3 new troops that will be unlocked once your Town Hall reaches level 10. The three new troops are named Chain Lightning, Rocketeer and Mini P.E.K.K.A.

It’s not sure yet how these new troops will work. The Chain Lightning troops will most likely be used to strike down several targets at the same time using area of effect (AOE) damage. At the same time, this troop is linked with the name “ZapWizard”, which proves that Supercell is not yet decided how to name this new troop.

As we’ve told you above, the healers will be nerfed and if the rumors will prove to be right, you will notice that their heal spells will be dropped by 60%, as more of them get added to the field. It seems that the developers are trying to stop the gamers from using strong troops, such as Queen, with healers in order to do huge damage, but still survive.

There are also rumors which say that the new patch will greatly improve the Matchmaking system, which will give the players a way better gaming experience. Supercell said that the Clan Wars matchmaking will put more emphasis on defensive progress and less emphasis on offensive progress.

Also, large sized matches, such as the 45 vs. 45 or 35 vs. 35, will be removed in order to get queued much faster than before. Supercell said that once a new major patch is released, the gamers should expect some bugs and glitches, which will be resolved as soon as possible.