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By jailbreaking iOS, the users will remove software restrictions imposed by Apple and will be able to customize the system the way they want. They will enhance the functionality of iOS and customize animations, effects and themes etc. Currently, there’s no jailbreak for iOS 9.2, so it’s not safe to upgrade from iOS 9.0.2 yet, but fortunately, there are plenty applications that are added quite often to the Cydia store. Here are the best tweaks of the month.


Usually, users use the seek slider to scrub through music, but with this tweak for iOS 9, things become simpler. This “fully-featured extension of Apple’s native audio ‘scrubbing’ or ‘seeking’ implementation within the control-center and lockscreen and integrates seamlessly into iOS” has a feature called Live Seek which won’t stop audio files from playing while you are seeking. Plus, there are many controls that can be customized.


This tweak will disable auto refresh, preventing Cydia from automatically refreshing, it will remove ads from the store’s home page, it will add multiple repos at once by having them in your clipboard, it will shorten Cydia’s refresh time and will offer you various UI and interface customization.


This tweak isn’t the greatest of them all, as everything it does is to measure how far you have scrolled on your iPhone’s screen, in every application. You will see a number representing how many many pixels you’ve scrolled through.


If you have curious friends who are the bad habit to pry into your device while you’re leaving the table, when you’re out in town, then Logger will tell you that someone has been checking out your phone by taking screenshots at certain times. Also, this tweak will tell you what applications have been opened by your friends, without your permissions.


It’s very frustrating to set the same alarm every day in the Clock app. Why not making things easier by installing QuickAlarm, a tweak that will add 3D Touch Quick Action options with which you will turn on or off alarms from the home screen.


The stock Weather icon lacks the live weather, but this capability can be offered by Meteor. You will see the current temperature and a small icon will tell you if it’s raining or snowing.


This tweak will allow you to set up automations and shortcuts for different actions, such as changing songs by pressing the volume buttons, or automatically turning on your alarm in the next day.