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iPhone 7 will be released in September this year, if everything remains normal.

While there is no word of what exactly to expect from the Cupertino company regarding the next iPhone series, we have a clue of what technology Apple might bring along with this flagship.

In a report published today, it seems Apple has agreed to a deal with a small startup known as Energous, with the aim of bringing the company’s WattUp technology to the next iPhone. Apparently, Apple will own the exclusive rights to this technology.

WattUp technology allows users to charge devices wirelessly from distances of up to 15 feet. What this partnership means is that we will probably have an iPhone 7 that is equipped with wireless charging technology from the acquired Energous. In order to make use of the tech in iPhones, Apple will embed an Energous chip in the device. Given the small size of the chip, its introduction in the iPhone 7 would have no detrimental effect on Apple’s ambitious plans of making this upcoming flagship their slimmest ever smartphone.

How the Energous chip works

The Energous chip works together with a transmitter, which can essentially be placed anywhere in the room. What this means is that with this chip embedded inside an iPhone 7, it will only require you to place the transmitter inside a given room, and your phone will keep on charging as long as you are within 15-feet’s reach. The same will happen if you place the same transmitter in your bedroom and while you sleep all night and get up in the morning to get ready, the phone will still be charging.

If it is true that Apple has the exclusive rights to this technology, it would mean the company has just created itself another avenue for generating revenue. The company will now be able to sell the transmitters to those who own WattUp-enabled iPhones.

On previous occasions, Energous has been clear that it wants its product to go on sale as from 2016 or 2017. If this materializes, we will definitely see the next iPhone 7 with this wireless charging technology. If otherwise, the phone to come with this technology is the iPhone 7s and it is not expected until 2017.

At the moment, neither Apple nor Energous have gone public with this deal, which renders this report mere speculation.

Do you think WattUp is the technology to change Apple’s woes in iPhone sales? Feel free to drop your comments in the section below.

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