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You do not need to press the Home twice to bring multitasking in to action in these new iPhones with 3D Touch. You need to exercise this trick before applying it like a Pro.

For this trick, it is essential to have the 3D display enabled or use it in the 3D compatible screen, which is mainly because that without enabling either of these two  options, you cannot sense the force on your phone’s display. You can practice this trick by putting your phone on the solid space, like you can put it on the table or floor so that you could try it out without any hassle. When you will be able to perform the trick without placing it anywhere, then you can do it in any situation with the required pressure. The pressure of your finger is depended upon the settings of your 3D pressure.

Here are the ways through which you can perform it.

Press with pressure on the left area of the screen of your iPhone

You have to press in that very ending corner of the left side of your display where the corner sides of your screen are present.

Keep on putting pressure to get the App switcher screen

When you will keep on pressing it, you will see the screen peeping out and app switcher is enabling. You have to keep pressing and lift the display to the right side so that you could see the multitasking.

Being an iPhone user, you must use it yourself so that you could have an idea that how does it work and how the multitasking screen appears.

When you will see the app switcher has performed, you can now enter into any window or app that you want. The way of access has gone different otherwise the whole function of switching is same.

Entering in to the other app via 3D touch is way simpler and quick as compared to the double tap on Home button.