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When Windows 10 released its recent updates, many users suddenly complained that the Adobe software “Flash Player” quit working for them in their Edge and Internet Explorer browsers with the standard account.

Numerous Microsoft Community forums posts revealed that the Adobe software worked only for people who had administrator status. And, at this time, there’s no way to work around the problem.

Some users have claimed that browsing the Internet via a standard account keeps them from exposing their computers to the various threats, which is why they don’t want to enable administrator privileges that will run the Flash Player.

Microsoft has yet to comment.

It’s not clear which updates has caused the Flash Player debacle, although some users have claimed it started sometime during the January batch of patches with others saying it was February’s patches that caused the problem.

According to one user, their problem started in January. The user said they use Internet Explorer 11 and Edge with a standard account and their Adobe Flash Player no longer worked. However, they went on to say that the Administrator Account appeared not to be affected but they didn’t want to turn on the administrator privileges to surf the Internet.

Another user said they had a brand new Windows 10 laptop and had applied on the latest updates. They found that Flash would only run on IE11 and Edge when administrator privileges were being used.

Since Microsoft has yet to respond to the issue, it’s difficult to move forward with any manual fixes because it’s not known what updates caused the problem. The only thing a person can do is to manually install all the updates since January of this year and see if Flash Player works once more in the Edge or IE11 browsers.

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