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Ever since Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon were announced on March 2, gamers have been turning back to their old Pokémon games that have been around for the past twenty years in anticipation for the new game to arrive. Since it is unlikely we will see Sun and Moon until late 2016, here are some of the top Pokémon games to revisit while you wait in no particular order.

Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire

Originally released in November of 2014, Ruby and Sapphire introduced Pokémon contests and it quickly became some gamers favorite mechanic in the game. The world of Hoenn took on a brand new, fresh look in 3D and provided one of the best maps (even if there is too much water…) and the Pokémon all improved across the board to be more expressive, detailed and colorful. You have the ability to Super Train your Pokémon in order to fine tune specific attributes as well.


Pokemon Gold and Silver saw the introduction of a more sophisticated friendship system. Released in October 2000, these come as some of the most highly rated games in Pokemon history with IGN offering a 10/10 rating. The game was well worth the wait, introducing breeding and more than 100 new Pokemon – some that were only available through the breeding option. And we can’t forget the Shinies, either.


Released in October of 2013, Pokémon X and Y are favorites among the Pokemon gaming community for many reasons. Not only did it offer limited character customization but the world looked stunning in 3D. Throughout the gameplay there are interesting things to do and great legends including the addition of fairy type. The only thing that seemed to lack in X/Y was the storyline; aimed at kids, most older fans who had been with the franchise for part or all of the last 15 years were left feeling somewhat unfulfilled when it came to the story.