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The 1970s timings are back for Apple and more specifically, for iOS. It is not that old news that Apple repaired its bug, which appeared to be enabling your iOS gadget when you set its clock to the year 1970. After that, users have described that they are receiving strange emails from the date of 1st January, 1971.

This virus was affecting those users of iOS who has amended their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s time in the near time. This bug did not do anything else except sending some unknown and undeletable emails to the users. You cannot delete the emails neither they will be gone anywhere. You will see that there is nothing written or present in these emails so it means it is not about getting your old emails back.

It has been found out that it is all about Unix way of handling the timings and dates within the system. This is not some serious issue. When you change the time zone, it gets stored in binary form if the gadget is in 64-bits.

Positive thing is that you can get away with this issue when you delete and reinstall it. If you are also having this bug, then you must try this trick.