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Although it’s a new month, Adobe has yet to release a new update. Therefore, users who have yet to install the Flash player update should go ahead and do so, as it comes with numerous important security repairs for a number of applications.

Flash Player has been known to have vulnerabilities, causing an array of problems associated with hackers executing code on targeted devices. However, the company released for the Macs and for Linux, helping to repair 14 vulnerabilities where hackers were able to control machines with a code due to the memory corruption that the vulnerabilities had caused.   A new update was applied to AIR – – that also offered security patches.

Photoshop and Bridge also had some security issues that needed to be addressed and were. These security issues enabled hackers to remotely control the system and cause memory corruption. Adobe released 2015.1.2 for Photoshop CC 16.1.2 and 2014.2.4 for Photoshop 15.2.4 as well as CC 6.2 for Bridge.

Four fixes were applied to Communique5, a Java-based Adobe Experience Manager that was released in 2010,  to protect users against Java deserialization, ULR filter bypass vulnerability, CSRF bug and information disclosure.

The video conferencing program Adobe Connect had been upgraded to version 9.5.2 and fixed three security problems. One new feature offers protection to users against any Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.

IE and Edge browser users attained the new Adobe Flash Player version through a Windows Update. Other users attained the update from Adobe’s website.

In the last few weeks, hackers have tricked inexperienced users into installing fake updates and infected their computers with scareware. While they browsed the Internet, they would see a message that said their Flash Player was outdated and had to be updated with an install. The webpage would load continuously until the user said OK and went to a website that often had viruses.