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Minecon 2015 was held in London last year, but it seems that the Minecraft convention is coming back to the US in 2016. This has been confirmed yesterday by Mojang and according to the announcement the upcoming Minecon 2016 will be held in Anaheim, CA, during September 24-25, 2016.

Minecon is without any doubts one of the larger gaming conventions that’s open to the public. At the same time, the event is devoted to a single video game and that’s Minecraft, one of the most popular games out there, which is available on both mobile and desktop platforms. It is good to know that during this event, there will be also discussed other topics, but, overall, the event is about the Minecraft game.

Minecon 2013 was held in Orelando, FL, while the Minecon 2014 was supposed to be held somewhere in Europe, but since in that year Microsoft has purchased Mojang, they’ve decided to push the event in 2015.

Getting a ticket for Minecon is one of the hardest parts of the event and unfortunately, we’re not sure yet when the tickets will actually be available for sell. Below we’re going to give you a video that Mojang has released, which confirms when and where the Minecon event will be held:

We’re pretty sure that Mojang will start selling Minecon tickets sometime soon and we suggest the ones who want to attend this event to keep looking for news about this everyday. As we’ve told you above, the tickets are sold very fast and if you’re not fast enough, you will not be able to participate to this event. As soon as we find more information about Minecon 2016, we will let you know!

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Minecon 2016? Do you want to get to this event?