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Google has released Inbox two years ago, as an alternative email app to Gmail, and it can be used on Android and iOS mobile devices or with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Every now and then, Google has brought minor updates to improve its performance, making it smarter and richer in features and now, the developers are focusing on the email productivity and organization. The latest additions are: snooze emails and reminders until later, bundle similar emails together and Google Now-style cards. In the latest update, the compose window can be expanded.

The users will notice that the expand to fullscreen button works in the latest update of Inbox, a feature that has been introduced in Gmail a while ago. While the fullscreen will occupy most of the screen, the disadvantage is that it can’t be resized or moved. And if the compose window was last time open at fullscreen, that setting will be remembered by Inbox.

In the future, Google might add quick access to Google Drive, which is available in Gmail, where users are able to send large attachments that will be displayed as links to Drive. In comparison to Gmail, Inbox has a superior photo picker, as the users can easily access Google Photos and the recent images they’ve sent or received.

Another feature that has been added recently to Gmail allows users to check their messages in Outlook or other third-party email services, and in addition, they can use smart labeling and see Google Now cards which will show information based on the messages.

Inbox was initially released as a beta version in October 2014 and only those with an invitation had access to it. The application became open only in May 2015 and it was accessed by anyone with a Gmail account. The first important addition was the Undo Send button, which saves users from trouble, when sending an email by mistake. They will need to click on this button within 10 seconds after clicking Send, otherwise the process will be irreversible.

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