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Rockstar’s GTA series is a household name when it comes to the gaming world.

The gaming series is one of the most popular crime, action-adventure, role playing and open world games.

Grand Theft Auto 5th edition is doing well; nonetheless, GTA fans are already anticipating GTA 6. So far, GTA V is the fastest selling video game in history. Just in its first day, Rockstar garnered US$800 million and a total of US$1 billion in the next two days. Since GTA 5 was released, GTA 6 has been in the news with diehard fans already discussing changes and their feature GTA 6 wishlist.

A woman protagonist

On average, a woman protagonist leads the rumored version wishlist. The video game fans would love to see a beautiful hot woman as the main character in the next edition and of course accompanied by a male character. Eva Mendes is likely to feature as the female protagonist while her social life partner Ryan Gosling is poised to be the main character. Gosling is a well-known actor having featured in the TV series, “Young Hercules”, “The Ides of March” and “The Notebook”.

Female protagonist in GTA V did not feel natural according to GTA series tittles co-author, Dan Houser. Mr. Houser, however, didn’t completely rubbish the idea of featuring a female protagonist for a game. Rockstar team always thinks of the idea but have not found a right game to implement, he added.

New map

GTA 6 location has also been rumored a lot. The new version will still be placed in an American city, though; the exact place is still a riddle to be unraveled. According to rumors, the upcoming edition will have a new map that will be a product of the previous maps and may inculcate the whole US including all major cities. Most of the fans also want a comeback of 1970’s scene.

Users will be thrilled to explore new cities with more adventure. Addition of more professionals like the president of the US or any political leader, customization of the main character, more missions, house changes, more realism, change of vehicles and more stylish clothes are among the other several changes GTA users would love to see in the next edition of the game.

Release date predicted around 2018-2020

Contrary to expectations, Rockstar has not come out to clear the air on when to expect the release. The ever growing GTA fan base expects a release with enhanced game elements and graphics. Speaking at a press conference, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies gave a hint for GTA 6 but didn’t touch anything to do with release date. However, to give the popular game fans some glimmer, tech analysts have analyzed Rockstar release strategy. Following these analysis, GTA 6 may arrive around 2018-2020. Rockstar has maintained an interval of 5-8years between its releases since 1997 when GTA was first released to the current edition.

Rockstar Games has, however, not released any official information on the same. It is also rumored that the release may delay following former President’s, Leslie, departure.