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Are you a football fan? Well, there are lots of fun apps out there that you can use to keep yourself entertained while at the same time showing your expertise by dominating the football league.

However, you need the right tools in order for you to make the most out of this game. First, you will have to carry out a detailed research about the team you want, get up-to-date expert analysis and news, among others. The challenge here is that all these are needed from time and again so that nothing passes under your notice unnoticed.

As a result, we have listed for you the 5 best fantasy football apps you can download and install on your Android device to help you get the better of this competition this very season.

Yahoo Fantasy

Thinking of creating or joining a fantasy league? Your best option here is Yahoo Fantasy app. The good side of this app is that it offers a variety of options that will definitely suit the frequency at which you want to play. For the past three years, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) has awarded this Yahoo Fantasy app for being the Best Full-Season Fantasy app as well the Best Commissioner Mobile.

The app allows players to invite friends to the league using a handful of social media tools. It is even possible to join a league that goes on for just a single day.

Roto Baller Football

Roto Baller Football app is very simple to use. The app offers advanced analysis on players, thus helping with squad selection. If you are looking for better, updated and most accurate advice regarding the players to include in your team and how to manage fantasy teams in general, Roto Baller app is just what you need. The FSTA awarded this app the Best News and Analysis Mobile App in 2015.

With its clean interface, you will have no problem filling up your team deficiencies when using the Roto Baller app.

ESPN Fantasy Football

If all you want is more news about the NFL, teams, as well as players, ESPN Fantasy Football is the best app to have. The app gets the latest news, reports and analysis from the mother news site – ESPN – delivering top-notch content for all lovers of fantasy football.

You will enjoy volumes of football news on this site – nothing like you can find on any of the other apps in this list. The news consists of videos, analysis as well as rumors. With these tools, it is easy to come up with a solid fantasy strategy to help you be the best in your fantasy football league.

NFL Fantasy

The official fantasy app for NFL, the NFL Fantasy app will get you the most accurate analysis you can ever dream of – both during and offseason. The app is equipped with links of articles posted about fantasy football as well as includes cool videos from

With this app, you can run different draft setups such that you won’t be caught off-guard when the draft day finally arrives. Players can choose to run a standard or opt for an auction draft and even add in loads of ways to shape the team.

To make matters even sweeter, the NFL Fantasy app comes with a research section. Using these research tools, you can be able to tell who is heating up as well as the best player for each and every position on the field. The app also offers projections with respect to top performers.

CBS Sports Fantasy

If you are looking for the best and most up-to-date news, CBS Sports Fantasy is the best app out there so far. In addition, the app will also equip you with some of the best stats and analysis of the game, bringing in top sports news from the main CBS site.

The app has a player news section that features some great information. You can find things like average draft position stats, position advice, and an active feed of latest player news, among others. You can even get more stats from the previous season, just in case you are after more detailed research.

Do you know of any better fantasy football apps? Feel free to drop your comments below.