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In the next few months, we’ll hopefully be in for some more news about one of Nintendo’s next big ventures for the series, Pokémon GO. Right now, what we do know is the typical type of information you’ll already know about the game, like capturing, training, and battling your Pokémon. This here is the type of information you’d see in pretty much every Pokémon game ever, which leads me to believe that Pokémon GO will be sticking with another staple of the series, the day and night cycle.

The recent previous iterations for the Pokémon franchise have a day and night cycle implemented into them, and that particular cycle rotates the type of Pokémon you’ll come across. Due to Pokémon GO being set in an augmented reality, where a real time zone will be in place for each and every user, it points to that potential day and night cycle.

If we do see the day and night cycle appear in the new Pokémon GO, (it would make sense to), it leaves reason to believe that different sets of Pokémon will appear, both during the day and at night. So, it kind of begs the question: when should you start your Pokémon adventure in GO? Day or night?

Well, for the most part it is more a matter of opinion, but I feel day would be the best starting cycle for any Pokémon aficionado. The reason being, the Pokémon franchise has been known to neglect the night side of things to some degree. You’re almost bound to come across the same Pokémon a lot more than you would in the day, which tends to be linked to the “Dark” type those Pokémon have.

With that prior information, it is safe to assume that day will be the way to go, (pardon the pun), if you’re looking to start off your Pokémon adventure right. Unless, you have a thing for “Dark” type Pokémon, in which case, just play the game at night instead.

For some players, though, they may not be left with the luxury of picking and choosing whether to start at night or day. The time zone can be held responsible for this, or maybe you just don’t want to wait to play Pokémon GO the moment it is released, and who can blame them? After all, the game is set to be a huge hit amongst fans and gamers alike. This title is definitely becoming a game that is getting more and more difficult to wait for!