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Microsoft wants you to run your email as a web app so that you can take full advantage of the latest, greatest features the Windows OS maker has included in Office 365.

The revamped has been in preview mode since May 2015, but Microsoft took it to the next step on Wednesday, adding plugin capabilities to the platform. If you are familiar with Hotmail, you will be glad to learn that the new is one and the same thing, but this will not be true for new comers.

The new web application is built around the much hyped Office 365 technology. The company now wants to make it more fun by adding plugins and GIFs support. While current users of Outlook desktop apps can still access some of these plugins, unlike, they must manually download and install them first. These plugins can be found in the official Microsoft online store.

As mentioned earlier, the Microsoft preview version has been live since last May. Many joined during this period and by now, they are very familiar with this platform. However, there are others still new and for sure, you’ll feel new if you are among them. According to Microsoft, the first persons to access the new look and feel are North Americans. Other areas will receive the update gradually in weeks to follow.

One weird thing that users of on Mac PCs will go have to bear is updating to the new platform. You will have to first of all delete your account and then re-add it in order to activate the changes.

What you should know about

If this is the first time you are coming across a Microsoft account, don’t fret. Even though the new application is a bit sophisticated, you will for sure be up for the best from this Redmond Company.

Microsoft has put lots of emphasis on the people you interact with most via the platform. As a result, you will constantly see a list of these people. In case of any important emails, there is a feature known as Mentions. Using this tool, it is easy to flag any email as important and easily access it when needed thanks to the “@” character. also lets users set personalized flags as well as pin email to the top of the mailbox.

Outlook also offers support for emojis when composing emails. In addition, there is a Clutter feature that works as a spam-filter. When writing an email, the new application also lets users pop out embedded pictures thanks to the built-in image creation tools on offer. comes with full support for Office 365 tools, OneDrive storage support, Skype calling and messaging via the browser, among many others. And as mentioned earlier, Microsoft has added support for plugins – which means third party plugins can be added to the platform.