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LG G5 will be unveiled in a few days’ time.

With rumors that the Life’s Good company is set to make this device one of the most sought-after in 2016, the latest developments might just be giving as a hint of what this phone might come with.

The company has boasted a new technology as far as sensors are concerned. According to LG Innotek – the company’s arm that deals with research, there is a new, small and incredibly slim optical biometric sensor that is ready to be used in the company’s smartphones and wearables.

There is currently no credible news regarding how the upcoming LG G5 will look like, but as usual, leaks have been doing rounds all over the web. From the leaked renders, it is true to say that LG will be coming with a fingerprint sensor; however, it is not plausible to say that the sensor overload on the rear of the G5 is actually the optical bio sensor. It is, however, possible that the protrusion might be as a result of the laser and infrared autofocus mechanisms.

LG Innotek says that the new sensor is just 0.04 inches in thickness, something that means this device will feature in thinner smartphones without adding any unnecessary thickness to devices that would have otherwise been ultra-thin. Despite the thickness, the sensor still manages to house an integrated circuit (IC), 5 LEDs as well as a photo diode (PD). With this kind of technology, the sensor will be able to accurately measure heart rates, stress indices as well as oxygen saturation levels, among others.

To add sugar on top of it, the optical biometric sensor consumes lower power, but has higher accuracy levels than any other current product in its equal measure. As mentioned earlier, the sensor is only but paving way for a flurry of slimmer smartphones and wearables that feature stellar biometry.

In a bid to explain how it came about with this extra-thin optical sensor, LG Innotek said that it used PCB technology in making it slimmer while at the same time integrating all circuits to the PCBs. As far as better luminance efficiency is concerned, LG says it went for gold-plated insides. As a result, the bio-signals are enhanced by up to 30%, hence the use of less power when reading them.

The company further says that the overall power efficiency of the sensor has improved 20% as compared to the currently available options.

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