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Apple hasn’t announced when the iOS 9.3 will be released, but this will most likely happen before the end of this month. Until then, the developers and public beta testers will enjoy the changes that were brought along the fifth beta of iOS 9.3. Apparently, this update is vulnerable, just like the previous one, and we have high chances to see a iOS 9.3 jailbreak in the near feature, and rumors say that it already exists.

The next iOS 9.3 update was announced in January and Apple started seeding betas to its developers and beta public testers. They were the first ones to test out the new features that will be officially introduced in iOS 9.3, such as Night Shift (it adjusts the color temperature of the display and the eyes will no longer be tired when browsing the net before going to bed); the new 3D Touch Quick Actions for Apple’s proprietary applications Weather, Settings, Compass and Health; Touch ID support for the Notes applications and improvements to News and Health applications. The beta 5 comes with bug fixes and other enhancements, as well as new features. The Apple Pencil has regained full functionality for navigation, the Night Shift icon has been updated in Control Center and from there, this feature can be toggled on and off.

Rumors say that an iOS 9.3 jailbreak exists and some iOS developer qwertyoruiop has proved that the jailbreak is possible now, as he showed his device running on an earlier iOS 9.3 beta. We wouldn’t be surprised if Pangu or TaiG will come with an iOS 9.3 jailbreak, but if they will manage to do that, they won’t receive any help from the aforementioned developer.

A new name that reached our ears is enMTW, a newcomer to the jailbreak community, who found vulnerabilities in the fourth beta version of iOS 9.3 and qwertyuiop has said that even the latest beta can be cracked because Apple hasn’t patched the exploits that have been found by the hackers who decided to not release them.