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First of all, the fans want to know when will this game come out, and while rumors suggest that this will happen in 2018, there are analysts who are more pessimistic, saying that the GTA 6 will not come sooner than 2019-2020. These days, a new rumor has surfaced on the internet and it’s related to the music that will be features in the game.

Paula Reed is a Rockstar source who reported that Rockstar executives are interested in featuring Shatta Wale’s “KAKAI” in the GTA 6. This song is very popular around the world, especially among African-American communities and if Rockstar will shake hands with the artist, the players will be hearing “KAKAI” every time they’ll on board a car. Also, according to some analysts, Rockstar will add a variety of new vehicles that the players will destroy while running from police or when they take missions.

Expected Changes

Since we were talking about missions, there are reports saying that Rockstar will bring more aerial missions, as they were loved by the players of older GTA installments. Also, there will be more weapons and ammunitions, because the franchise really lacks in this department. The cheat codes are might return, because there are many players who need them and hopefully, Rockstar will fulfill their dream.

Teleportation is a subject that’s on everyone’s lips and it would be a very important feature in GTA 6, as it will allow the players to teleport from one place to another, just like in the 2015 Need for Speed rival game.

The map will be larger and it will be formed from all the maps from the previous installments. The game will be more fun to play and the gamers will not get bored so soon, after seeing so many times the same environment. VermillionDemonFox is a Reddit user, who claims that the future map will be a combination of all the previous maps.

Let’s not forget the rumors according to which there will be a new female protagonist voiced by actress Eva Mendes, and her real life partner, Ryan Gosling will also lend his voice to the game.

Moreover, according to the latest news and updates, GTA 6 will have full VR support.