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According to reports, Microsoft is bringing its virtual assistant Cortana to Mexico, Canada (French language) and Brazil. The latest Windows 10 BETA has been released this Friday and it finally brings Cortana to the mentioned countries.

With other words, from now on, people that live inside those countries will be able to use out Cortana and test out all the features that this virtual assistant feature comes with. In addition, the New Mexican Spanish Cortana comes with an accent that will match the local dialect.

However, don’t forget that the virtual assistant is currently in testing phase for the mentioned countries, which means that thanks to the feedback from Windows Insider program members, the developers will bring improvements before it gets fully released.

We remind you that Cortana is able to handle reminders that have been partially filled out. With other words, you can ask Cortana to remind you do to something without having to specify a person, time or location. After recording a “to-do task”, the users will be able to go into Cortana’s virtual notebook and add a parameter so that the assistant will remind them about it when some specific conditions are met, such as when they arrive at a location. According to reports, in future versions of Windows 10, the users will be able to even call up those reminders on demand by just asking the assistant to do so.

Unfortunately, the new build also comes with a few issues and the users who own a Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 3 will notice that their devices are locking up. In addition, the input mouse, touchscreen or keyboard are not functioning well and the only way to fix them is by turning the computer off and on again by pressing the “Power” button.

If you are using the Kaspersky antivirus on your device, then you should know that it doesn’t function too well in the new beta build of Windows 10. However, Microsoft is currently working with Kaspersky in order to fix the issues and in short time it should function properly.

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