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Google’s Android Pay is headed to the UK.

At a time when mobile contactless payments are becoming a major force in the tech industry, Google’s mobile payment system has yet to reach one of the largest economies in the world.

Major companies have in recent times been taking this direction as latest market predictions reveal that the industry is destined for greatness. Samsung has already swung in with its own Samsung Pay whereas Apple owns Apple Pay. Even though LG Pay has yet to go live, it is on the way. All of these mobile payment technologies depend on NFC chips that facilitate these contactless payments via the latest devices.

Even though most of these services have been around for quite some time, it is only Apple Pay that has already found its way into the UK at the time of this writing. As a result, more than half of all smartphone users in the country have no access to contactless payments thanks to the fact that Android OS is actually very dominant in the region. This will, however, be no more as the Telegraph reports that Android Pay will go live in the UK this month. If this is true, it will have taken Google about 6 months to unveil the service in the UK following its official launch in the United States.

At the moment, there is no official confirmation regarding card issuers, however, due to the fact that contactless terminals in the UK are vast, it won’t be a problem for Google to find capable partners in the country. Just like Apple Pay has already showed some serious signs of success, it won’t take long before the story is the same as far as Android Pay is concerned.

According to some recently released stats, commuters in the UK have already embraced contactless payments via Apple Pay, with the Transport of London reporting that at least 35,000 journeys are paid for using mobile devices. This figure will definitely change once Google’s Android Pay enters the space.

Samsung Pay coming too

As news of Android Pay coming to the UK is just coming in, Samsung has also hinted that its service – Samsung Pay – will be unveiled in the country before this year ends. This is just the beginning of a battle that will see the contactless payments industry boom as predicted by market experts. As analysts point out, the mobile payment industry is set to grow more than 40-fold by 2018 thanks to fast-growing contactless ecosystem.