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The Insiders in the Fast Ring have received the latest Windows 10 Redstone Build 14279 which brought new features, so if you’ve just installed this build, then here are the changes that come with it.

Cortana is smarter

In Windows 10 Redstone, Cortana will surely suffer some beneficial changes, as it will receive new languages – Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) and French (Canada), and the users will hear the intelligent assistant speaking with their accent. Later, Cortana could support other languages in Redstone Wave 1, which is expected to arrive in June 2016.

Reminders are now easier to be created in Windows 10 with Cortana, as the users will just give a voice command such as “Remind me to visit….” to create a reminder, without specifying a location, or the time. Cortana will remind about this “to-do” at some point.

Also, the users can view their Windows 10 Mobile’s notifications on their Windows 10 PC. So, the feature will be useful for those who have a smartphone running on Windows 10 Mobile and the battery is dying, as they will choose to “Get Phone Notifications” on their PCs. However, this feature is not available for the Fast builds for Windows 10 Mobile.

Improvements For Messaging + Skype

The users who have a Windows 10 Mobile device will be able to view their SMS from the Messaging app, which is installed on a Windows 10 PC running on the latest Build 14279. This application will show pictures that the users receive via SMS, but they won’t be able to respond to the senders. Now, the users can also delete messages from a conversation on Messaging + Skype app.

The Login Screen Has Been Tweaked

The Login screen will no longer show the Windows 10 Hero Image, but the same wallpaper as the Lockscreen. Also, there is a new fading animation that looks nice.

Moreover, the UI for the Accounts page has been slightly improved, and the User’s name is now bold.