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It seems that the developers of WhatsApp are quite busy nowadays, as they release new versions of this application for several operating systems. Today we’re going to talk about the new WhatsApp 2.12.15 that has just been released for iPhones.

According to some reports, the latest WhatsApp version for iPhone had a bug that caused a disproportionate increase in memory usage. Well, it seems that the developers have found the issue very fast and fixed it. The new WhatsApp 2.12.15 fixed this issue and we suggest you to download and install it on your iPhone device as soon as possible.

Along with the fix that we’ve mentioned above, the WhatsApp 2.12.15 comes with a few features, such as the one that allows you to send and receive documents in PDF format. According to reports, more documents will be supported, so we will be able to also send and receive documents with other format types.

In concordance with some earlier reports, the WhatsApp Video Calling feature is about to come soon on Android and iPhone versions. However, this has not been confirmed by any WhatsApp official, so we should take the news with a bit of salt. We remind you that we’ve told you a while ago that the Video Calling feature will be a good addition for WhatsApp, as it will attract even more users.

WhatsApp 2.12.15: How To Install On Your iPhone Device

The WhatsApp 2.12.15 version can now be downloaded and installed on your iPhone directly from the App Store. Once you download and install it on your mobile device, you will notice that the application is no longer “eating” so much RAM.

Did you have memory issues with the previous WhatsApp version or it functioned smoothly on your device? Tell us your thoughts about the new WhatsApp 2.12.15 version for iPhones!