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Beta version of iOS 9.3 is about to release and Apple is offering many features within the operating system, amongst which, the Night Shift is the most awaiting one. This addition in the iOS is the one that users are waiting to have and this is not some tangible feature that will make you change your iPhone. The Mac users were already using this feature with the support of third party app, F.lux. Users will be getting the new changes in the Night Shift feature with the iOS 9.3 beta 5.

The color temperature of your iPhone also gets changed or warmer while the evening timings with this Apple iOS 9.3. science has proved that this color scheme soothe your vision and secure them from any exhaustion. The Night Shift feature was added into the iOS 9.3 betas in the early days and is continue to change.

With the new changes, the Night Shift will now be deactivated on the Low Power mode. The users seem not agreed over this decision because they think that Night Shift must work on low power mode, so they expect to get it fixed. Let’s see if changes come out.

While this feature is present on the Control center as well, this will simply On or Off it. So, now you do not have to enable the options like Turn On Until tomorrow or Turn On For Now.  Option of “Manually enable until tomorrow” has emerged into Settings that will provide similar features in the Settings and Control Center area.

Some wordings have also been amended in the Settings area such as in the Temperature slider, you can see the options of More Warm and Less Warm.  Just a minor change and certainly not the big ones.

We all know that iOS 9.3 beta 5 have been in the testing phase over the hands o f developers and testers, coming out, the results are optimistic. The new iPhone and iPad are going to be out in few weeks and by that time, if iOS 9.3 also comes out, then there will be no doubt about it.