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YouTube is no doubt the best place to find something in videos and sometimes you don’t find them. Your interest could be of distinctive kind and you can actually find them easily on YouTube that will meet your necessities. The search system of the website is so advanced that makes it feasible for you to search whatever you want and the filters make it more possible.

With all these high class search options, YouTube was short of having search based on location. But, now, you have got this search option that will be known as Geo Search Tool.

With this amazing search options, you will get to watch the YouTube videos shot in that specific location of the city, town, address, or in any intersection. You can assess the search area as per your choice; you can put in the keywords, and pick the channel on which you particularly want to watch the video.

If you get more specific, then you can also customize the time option that in which timings the videos were being recorded. Of course, you are happy to see the videos from your desired location, but if you find videos that are very old, then certainly it will be of no interest. This is why; Geo Search is more fun to have around. Moreover, you can enjoy watching the old time videos from your chosen location if you have some extra time.

This search option is pretty fun and it specifies your video searching on YouTube that secures your time too.