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Not all console games are ported to the PC which is pretty disappointing for PC gamers. Games on PC have improved graphics, frame rate and can also be modded to add extra content to the game which could easily double the amount of hours a player will put into it. There are plenty of games that would benefit from a PC port and here’s just a few of them.

Nintendo (Metroid, Bayonetta and Super Mario)

This will probably never happen but there are plenty of Nintendo exclusive games that fans would love to see come to the PC, including older Nintendo games. Game series such as Metroid, Bayonetta and Super Mario would be greatly received for improved graphics and their high modding capabilities. Nintendo is already aware of some of this and released the Super Mario Maker as a result which allows players to create and share their own levels for Super Mario which is something modder would be doing if the game was on PC.

Heavy Rain

It should be no surprise that Heavy Rain is on a list like this, it’s considered one of the best games to be released on the Playstation 3 for it’s deep story, detailed choice based gameplay and also it’s graphics. Heavy Rain is one of the games fans are hoping will come to PC and a port would only improve it’s already stunning graphics. Modders would no doubt get into this one as well

Last of Us

Considered as one of the best games of the decade, Last of Us is a PlayStation exclusive and has pretty much everything. The graphics are incredible for a console game, the story is strong, characters are good and the world looks beautiful. On high end PC systems and a 4K version of the game would look fantastic and would take the graphics to a whole new level. The open world would also be perfect for modders to play with; in games such as Skyrim where the modding community is strong, enemies are also modded to look different along with the environments, the main characters and more. In the Last of Us, the level of modding could easily match Skyrim.


The critically acclaimed RPG is a pretty solid game and a PC port would only enhance the game. Graphically the game looks good on PlayStation 4 and as a PC port this would only be improved more; this is also a great contender for modding due to the style of game and it’s content. Bloodbourne is often compared to the Dark Soul series which has it’s own dedicated modding community. This would be a great game for modding and plenty of modders are itching to get their hands onto the game.


When the Halo series was first released, it was released for PC and for Xbox but over time the PC support for the games were removed and it became a console exclusive. Microsoft is looking to bring more Xbox exclusives to the PC and to bring their platforms closer together, which makes the possibility of Halo returning to PC very likely. Halo would be perfect for modding; adding new weapons, new enemies, turning enemies into something else, new maps and more. The only potential issue would be if Microsoft stop players from making their own person servers to play on, even if that happened then player could still mod the single player game.

There are plenty of other popular games that would be received well on PC such as Beyond: Two Souls, Until Dawn and Catherine. Sadly, the games that PC gamers really want to see will probably never be ported to the PC platform.