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Ever since the announcement that Pokémon GO will be released in the upcoming year of 2016, Pokemon fans have been more eager than ever before to experience an innovative way to play and capture their favorite Pokemon.

Nintendo also made such an awesome introduction/commercial for Pokémon GO and said that this was the year for Pokemon.

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon GO yet, please allow us to give you a brief introduction.

Basically, Pokemon go is a small watch-like gadget that works along with your mobile device once you have downloaded the Pokémon GO app.

The whole idea of Pokémon GO is to allow players to catch and find Pokemon in real world areas, trade, and battle people who are close by or across the world. It’s a whole new concept being introduced as the producers are trying to bring the realistic idea of the Pokemon world to life!

It sounds exciting as all Pokemon fans and enthusiasts are also dreaming of the day they can set out on a real world adventure to “Catch’em All!”

Release Date and Update For Pokémon GO

Although it’s said that Pokémon GO is set out to be released somewhere around this year in 2016, The Pokemon company has canceled the Pokémon GO GDC presentation that was supposed to give new updates of the game.

They recently announced that they need further time and focus on making the final product just right.

It is a disappointment to all fans as they were so hyped up about Pokemon Go with a commercial that just had everyone so pumped and ready to catch, trade, and battle with friends from their mobile devices.

But rest assure that this isn’t bad news.

It’s actually very good news that the Pokemon Company is putting all their effort and time into creating something extremely unique.

Often time producers will release a game way too early with glitches and bugs. To avoid any of the mishaps, the Pokemon Company wants to ensure its fans that all beta test will have been properly made before releasing the best and bug-free version of Pokémon GO.

When will we get an update on the release date of Pokémon GO? As of right now, no announcement has been made as of yet.

We can only hope that later in the summer will we be updated on the development and progress of Pokémon GO.

Ending Thoughts

Who knows what’s in store for the future of Pokémon GO, but it should not disappoint the Poke-Fans too much! Look forward to other releases such as Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, which are the next two upcoming Pokemon RPG games to hit the market this holiday season!

Stay tuned for more updates!