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For lovers of Mailbox, this email service is no more. In a move that is just as agonizing to Dropbox as it is to users, the app has officially been shut down.

Having been around for over three years, the app had gained quite a huge number of users. But during the same period, other companies have come up with similarly attractive email apps, with some even offering much better services than Mailbox.

Of course, not everyone is ready and willing to delete everything associated with Mailbox, but there is little you can do apart from moving on. To help you with this problem, we have lined up for you a list of 5 great email app alternatives worth considering.


Gmail is the most popular email service provider in the world. For all basic email services, Gmail is your best bet. The app also allows other accounts to log in, its fast and is actually one of the best, if not the best as far as priority inbox and spam detection are concerned. In addition, Gmail has been integrated with Google Now to help ease the process of dealing with reminders. The digital assistant taps into your inbox and proactively adds reminders, even if you never opened the messages.

Gmail is free on both iOS and Android.

Inbox by Gmail

Google is one of the best when it comes to email services. With its new Inbox by Gmail service, you’ll enjoy the smart nature of things. The app comes with extra-fast search capabilities, in-built reminders as well as snoozing feature. Inbox also allows users to see highlights of their emails’ content without opening the message. It can even respond to emails on your behalf.

The standout feature on offer by Inbox is the ability to bundle related emails into groups. This makes it easy to access a given type of emails as they are grouped under one section. The only drawback of Inbox is that it only supports accounts from Gmail and Google Apps.


Full of customization features, Spark app is another capable Mailbox alternative. The app allows users to snooze emails for later or even handle them in batch. The app organizes things like newsletters such that moving them around is easier. If you are looking for a design that is both fresh and minimalistic, Spark may just be what you are after.

The app offers similar long and short-swipe customizations just like Mailbox and it is compatible with accounts from Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook as well as other IMAP email service providers.

Outlook for iOS and Android

Whether you were using Mailbox on Android or iOS, there is something for you. With the free Outlook app, you have one of the best email service providers out there. The app offers a lot in terms of features, whether its priority inboxes, customization of swipes or even scheduling emails; Outlook is one of the best, if not the best.

The email service also features an inbuilt calendar that allows seamless shifting between the email and calendar with no need of leaving the application. The calendar also allows users share their availability status via email. The app supports email accounts from Office 365, Microsoft Exchange,, Yahoo, Gmail as well as iCloud.


Boxer is another amazing alternative to Mailbox. Even though the app offers almost the same services as Mailbox, perhaps it has even better to offer. Boxer app offers a fast and responsive swipe interface and the calendar has been integrated in the app just like with the case of Outlook, but those looking for an app that also comes with a planner, you’ll enjoy the to-do list that comes preinstalled in the app.

Boxer is available on both Android and iOS.