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Google has started a pilot program and released a payment application called Hands Free, with which the smartphone users can make payments. This application will use the device’s location and the camera will scan your face in order to authorize credit card transactions. It’s known that Google has brought Android Pay to Marshmallow, but Hands Free is compatible with Android 4.1 and up and it can be also installed on iPhones running on iOS 8 and up.

Google is competing with Apple, and will try to steal its users, who make payments with Apple Pay. With Hands Free, the users will make payments with their phones, which will connect to a point of sales system. The phone has some sensors that will be detected by the point of sale system and when its presence will be picked up, Hands Free will kick in and the payment will be easily made.

For now, this service is available as a pilot in San Francisco, in the US, and the application can be downloaded for Android from the Google Play Store, and for iOS from the iTunes. Later, the application will be available worldwide, and everyone will be able to make payments in stores without taking cash with them, but if these stores are equipped with a point of sale system. No matter if they’re Android or iOS users, with Hands Free, paying for things in stores will no longer be a stressful job. They will just go to the checkout counter and let the point of sale system detect their phone, wile the cashier will make sure that the person who is making the payment is the owner of that device and it matches the profile.

When Apple has released its Apple Pay service in the US, the infrastructure wasn’t ready and this has caused Apple many problems. Rushing to be ahead of the competition can be a fatal mistake, sometimes. But luckily, now, things are going well with the system, people have become accustomed to it.