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The GTA fans are now waiting for the upcoming GTA 6 game, but unfortunately, they will have to wait a few more years, as according to some reports, the development of this game hasn’t started yet. Today we’re going to talk about the GTA 6 and some of the new elements that this upcoming game MIGHT bring.

Cheat Mode

Cheat mode is another fun feature that the GTA 6 should come with. Using this feature, you will be able to have lots of fun in this upcoming, by making yourself invincible or to get unlimited ammo for your weapons in order to blow up as many vehicles as you want.

Female Protagonist

If rumors prove to be right, the upcoming GTA 6 will finally bring a female protagonist.  This means, that for the first time, you will be able to play with a female character while in the story mode. Rockstar has hinted that they are planning to bring a female protagonist in the upcoming GTA game, but unfortunately, they didn’t actually confirm it.

Sprint Button

Rockstar will need to bring a simpler way to make your character run. In GTA 6 you will need to continuously tap on a button in order to run. This is quite annoying and sometimes you may feel that your finger hurts because of this.

Bigger Missions In Story Mode

Many GTA fans are hoping that Rockstar will bring some bigger story missions in the upcoming GTA 6 game. We agree that the missions in GTA 5 are fun, but somehow we feel that they tend to end too fast.

Director Mode

The Director Mode was released on consoles in September 2015 and the community was very happy about it. Rockstar will need to make sure that the Director Mode will be available for all console versions of GTA 6 right from day one.