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If you’ve ever remembered back to your childhood, you’ll notice the big round ball that’s screwed onto a stand. It spins and tells you all the places around the world, and sometimes you would close your eyes and spin it while pointing your index finger out just to see where it lands.

This unique device is known as none other than as a “Globe”.

Just when we thought that a globe was the best tool to represent what the earth looked like, we are now presented with “Google Earth”, a much more unique that allows us to see and scroll around the world with ease. Actually, it’s a lot more than just easy, it’s efficient and effective!

Educational institution and even large business are taking advantage of Google Earth as it helps track, locate, and observe different countries and regions in real-time.

Why Google Earth Would Be Useful?

Many things have changed in the previous versions of Google Earth as it now allows users to use its pro features for free. That’s right, you get the whole benefit of Google Earth for free.

But who even uses Google Earth? How can someone find it useful?

Google Earth is different from the old fashion globe. With the help of some very creative developers and engineers, Google Earth is now found very useful for predictions and expectation of various activities. In much simpler words, you can do a lot more with it than just look at a location on the earth.

There are three powerful ways people are using Google Earth!

  • The Golden Hour: One of the feature on Google Earth that allows you to keep track of the certain movements of the sun throughout the day. This is important for photographers as they can predict the perfect image and with proper lighting from the sun. It is truly a powerful tool and a must have for all photographers.
  • Weather Prediction: You no longer have to rely on the weatherman anymore. Google earth grants its users with amazing real-time satellite images that are accurate with high-quality images of the clouds. Know when disasters may happen near your place to take proper precaution.
  • Google Follow Your World: Want to be updated with the latest images and videos of the locations you plan to visit next? Google follow your world will allow you and many others to upload images and videos to see exactly what you would see if you were there. Plan ahead, maybe the location isn’t sunny enough for your taste.

Ending Thoughts

Developers and engineers are using Google Earth as a foundation to build on for future projects.

Have a try and see what new ideas can be used for Google Earth! You never know it could just be one of the most beneficial and engaging pieces of technology you’ve ever come across.

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