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Whether you are at home, out in a big city, or somewhere oversea, you can always stay connected to your friends, family, and coworkers without being charged any extra fees from your trusted phone service provider.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right!

There is a phone application that is known as WhatsApp. It is a safe, legitimate, and popular phone application that is used by many to send messages, pictures, and videos all for free for a whole year. If you decide to continue to use it the next year, you will only need to pay $1 to keep using it.

WhatsApp works on all types of phones, which means it doesn’t matter if you own an iPhone and your friend owns an Android. With WhatsApp, you can send unlimited text, pictures, and videos across all platforms.

What Makes WhatsApp So different From Other Texting and Messaging Apps Out There?

Other messaging apps out there are not as flexible as WhatsApp because they either work with similar phones or unable to cross platforms and become available to all devices.

WhatsApp is designed with a simple interface that is user-friendly for all ages. It is similar to normal texting interface that is originally designed for the phone.

In recent updates for the latest version of WhatsApp, it states that there will be a new version that fixes many bugs that will make the app much more stable than ever before. The app will also include a lot more engaging content such as 250 new emojis. Users and fans of the app are eager to for the update!

WhatsApp might be the best phone app for you!

  • Cheaper Than Texting: If you aren’t living in the U.S, you know very well that it is quite expensive to text back and forth between your friends and family. Why not comfortably text without having to worry about your phone bill.
  • Keep In Touch With People Abroad: Everyone knows the extreme cost to text and call people who are oversea. This is especially important for those who do a lot of traveling outside of the country. WhatsApp allows you to text and call people from all over the world for free!
  • Ease Of Use No Distractions: WhatsApp is famous for its ease of use and there are no distracting and annoying ads that pop up trying to sell you something. The ease of use is so simple that even a 90-year-old grandma can figure it out.

Ending Thoughts:

Whether you own a Blackberry,iPhone, or Android, WhatsApp is available on all formats and allow you to send text and messages to everyone and anyone around the world.

With the high cost of text and messaging services, WhatsApp is an alternative and effective tool that users can use to reduce costs of high paying phone bills.

If you haven’t tried out WhatsApp yet, you should consider it as it will give you a more affordable and useful texting tool.

Install WhatsApp and keep in touch with all your friends and family today!