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You can share the files from your Mac to the iPhone to the iPad or iPod touch through AirDrop that is built in your Mac OS and iOS. In some cases, the AirDrop works finely or sometimes, it cannot perform in any way. If you see that the AirDrop is not working, then you need to look into some of these troubleshooting tricks that will help you in mending the issue so that you could distribute wirelessly and iOS devices yet again.

Prior to doing something else, you have to ensure about updating your iOS, updating is helpful because with the updated version, you can fix the problems easily. For updating your iPhone, you can go to your Settings, General, Software Update and from there, click on Download so that your new software will be updated. This is the way that you can update your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad easily. Moreover, if you see that the AirDrop is not appearing in the Control Center, then it means that your option is not permitted within your iPhone. If the things are getting more difficult, then you can tackle them by following these solutions.

Repair AirDrop breakdown / AirDrop is not operating

There could be several reasons that AirDrop is not working in your iOS, the button will not respond and sometimes, even when the feature is enables, but it still does not support, then theer must be some bug in the feature. You can work on these solutions, in this case:

  • Go to Control Center; stop Bluetooth and wiFi from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Now you have to restart the phone by pressing your Home and Power button. The Apple logo will appear on the phone.
  • When the device restarts, go to Control Center, and now click on “AirDrop”.
  • You have to pick that with whom you want to share the AirDrop to. You can either choose to share it with Everyone or with your Contacts Only. While troubleshooting, choosing the Everyone option is more helpful.
  • After doing this, you have to start using AirDrop and try some sharing. You will see that it is working fine again.

Now, when you are done with using the AirDrop, then you have to turn it off so that no one will see it and try to get connected.

After that you have switched it off, you have to restart the device and you will see that the sharing issue has been resolved. With this trick, your bug will get fixed whether it is of iPod, iPad or iPhone. The issue can also be resolved when you are running the upgraded version of iOS.

Other than troubleshooting, if you cannot see AirDrop anywhere, then it is mainly due to the AirDrop being immobilize from the Settings.

If your AirDrop is not functioning among OS X and iOS

When all of your devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod are present around you, then it must act without any hassle. They have the feature enabled and they have the latest versions of iOS and OS X, then, it must work properly. When all of these things are checked, then you can come across that AirDrop is not functioning while trying to do sharing via Mac. In this situation, you can try putting Mac in AirDrop compatibility mode and the issue of doing sharing might get resolved with few of the devices. Same as that, if you are continuously running it on the Compatibility mode, so you should opt out and get back to the usual AirDrop on your Mac to make sure that there is a connection. Mostly, it is about trial and error when you share in-between operating systems of Apple.

Your WiFi and Bluetooth would be enabled when you are using AirDrop, but the fact is, you do not need to be on these feature while using the AirDrop.

The AirDrop does not required any network because it can create its own short-term network connection in between any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac that have got iOS and OS X.