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Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge were unveiled over a week ago during the MWC 2016 event in Barcelona.

While the 2016 flagship has yet to go on market, the latest reports coming from South Korea claim that Samsung will be producing more than 17.2 million units of these devices during the first three months of its availability. The three months include the just concluded February, March and the first month of Q2 2016.

If anything, Samsung expects to sell these units in the same period, which will be an improvement from last year’s Galaxy S6 over the same time interval. Samsung reportedly sold around 15.8 million units of the S6 in the three months that followed its release. With the increased figure, it seems the South Korean giant has full confidence in the newly released Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

A step-up from last year

Last year, Samsung produced Galaxy S6 and the curved edge Galaxy S6 Edge on a ratio of 4:1. However, the company had to work things out when it turned out that the curved edge handset had attracted a larger-than-expected demand. This is a mistake the company clearly doesn’t want to repeat this year, with the current ratios throwing the two flagships at 6:4, where Samsung Galaxy S7 will account for 9.9 million units while Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will account for a further 7.3 million units.

Recent stats show that Samsung is still the leading seller of smartphones, closely followed by Apple while Asian OEMs Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi come in in third, fourth and fifth respectively. With the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge standing in as the best weapons for the South Korean giant so far, it is no wonder the devices will see more production than last year’s models.

The company decided to bring back some of the basics that made their devices standouts, for instance, microSD card support, waterproofing capabilities as well as much-needed gaming optimizations. It is clear that Samsung is targeting this year’s devices to be better market performers than last year’s handsets.

Just to highlight what you should expect, the Galaxy S7 packs a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen with 2K QHD resolution and the screen comes along with the much hyped Always-On technology. Under the hood, the phone features the latest Snapdragon 820 CPU, a 4GB RAM and an Adreno 530 GPU. As mentioned earlier, the microSD is back and it supports up to 200GB, with the base model coming in with 32GB of onboard storage. The phone will be powered by the latest Android Marshmallow.

Other than the increased size of 5.5 inches and the curved-edge capabilities, the Galaxy S7 Edge also packs the same performance specs as the S7, which makes it an equally superb gadget to have in 2016.