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It seems that the developers of WhatsApp are continuously working on their application. Today we’re going to talk about some new changes that this application has received in the latest few new versions that have been released lately.

End-to-End Encryption

When the developers have released the WhatsApp 2.12.498, you’ve probably noticed a new message inside the chat windows, which were confirming that the chat is end-to-end encrypted. Since 2014, WhatsApp has used the TextSecure to encrypt messages on Android and it seems that this encryption is now available to all platforms.

Collapsing Long messages

The WhatsApp 2.12.493 version came with a new feature that automatically collapses long messages, which makes your chat windows to be less cluttered. This is quite useful if you have a friend who usually writes a lot of stuff to you in a single sentence. In addition, this new feature will prevent your WhatsApp application from crashing when somebody sends you a message with a few thousands of emoticons.

New Minor Interface Changes

The WhatsApp 2.12.498 brought a few changes to the profile and group info screen. However, once the WhatsApp 2.12.500 has been released those changes have disappeared. We think that those changes will come back to the application once they release a new version of it. The developers were probably testing them and they’ve found some bugs, which made them to temporarily remove these changes.

We also remind you that the developers of WhatsApp have officially announced that before the end of the year, they will stop supporting devices that run on Windows Phone 7.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.1, Nokia Symbian S60, Nokkia S40, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10.

Do you think that the minor interface changes will be brought back once a new WhatsApp version will be released?