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Pokémon has never been a particularly story-driven series, with the possible exception of Pokémon Black, White, and their direct sequels. However, Niantic’s other augmented reality game, Ingress, has a story and lore revealed through special events. Players can choose to ignore it if they aren’t interested, or participate if they are.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 Pokémon GO stories we’d like to see.

  1. A New Evil Team Targets Specific Locations

Main-series Pokémon games always include some sort of evil team. These organizations’ motives vary, but usually involve stealing Pokémon for one reason or another. Pokémon GO could create an all-new team (or several smaller evil teams) with similar goals. On specific dates, the evil team would be active in real-world locations, and players would have to battle them in order to stop their evil plans.

  1. Benevolent Competing Factions

Who says the story needs to involve actual bad guys? Pokémon GO could easily have players join different teams or factions competing for more benevolent purposes. Maybe different regions of the world want to prove their Pokémon trainers are the strongest. Maybe Pokémon professors want to be the first to gather enough information on Pokémon—with your help. It could be simple and non-intrusive to the gameplay experience.

  1. The Pokémon League

On that note, Pokémon GO could simply follow the most basic of Pokémon storylines: you want to become the Pokémon Champion. Players from around the world could battle their way through Gyms and other challenges in the hopes of reaching the Pokémon League.

  1. The Barrier Between Our Worlds is Breaking

Due to the nature of Ingress, a common theory among fans is that Pokémon GO will be about the Pokémon world leaking into our world. This could set up a larger story where players would search for the cause of the leak and try to fix it—and perhaps other factions would fight to keep the barrier from being restored.

  1. An Ancient Power Awakens

Pokémon is filled with legendary Pokémon of incredible power. While they all can be caught within the games, the lore sets many of them up as the perfect threats for Pokémon GO trainers to face. Mewtwo, enraged at the scientists who created him; Darkrai, the bringer of nightmares; Arceus, creator of the universe; the story potential is endless!

What sort of story would you like to see, if any, in Pokémon GO?