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Release dates are funny things. Sometimes they are exact on when a game is set to be released, but at other times the developers get it so vastly wrong, the game has to stay in development for a few more months. It’s not always easy to trust a release date, but the upside to having one only tends to solidify the fact a game is definitely coming out. Unfortunately, however, when these release dates are nothing more than rumours for a game, it doesn’t tend to leave gamers happy. The reason being, we just don’t know whether a game is coming out or not.

Sadly in the case of The Sims 4, this appears to currently be the problem with the game’s console ports to PS4 and Xbox One. Currently, the developers behind the port haven’t released any new information for the suspected ports in a while, and it’s leaving many fans somewhat disheartened.

There’s speculation that the ports aren’t coming, and the dev’s are simply planning to sweep them under the rug, all in the hopes that the fans won’t notice one of their favourite franchises just disappearing from their grasp, at least in terms of consoles.

It has been reported that the developer’s, who have made console ports for The Sims game’s in the past, do tend to take around 2 years for the console port to be completed after the initial game’s release. In little over 6 months, that particular 2 year window would be up, due to The Sims 4 being released back in September, 2014. Again, it was reported that the port was set to release some time during the first quarter, and considering that by the end of March the first quarter is up, it’s not looking so good.

Thankfully, there are still 6 months to go to hit the 2 year limit, which is a fair amount of development time. Even if they do push past the 2 year limit, it’s no reason to give up hope for that console port, but it does mean it won’t be looking quite as positive as it was once.

By the looks of things so far, if you’ve really got your heart set on The Sims 4, then do yourself a favour and purchase it on the PC. At least then you won’t be depending on a console port, one that isn’t looking so good right now with just how little has been said about it.