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The Grand Theft Auto series has not traditionally had multiple protagonists. Since Grand Theft Auto 2, each game has starred a set protagonist around whom the story centers. GTA 5, however, mixed things up by starring three protagonists: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

When the news was first announced, not everyone took kindly to it. Some fans questioned how it would even work, and others worried it would harm the immersion. Of course, GTA 5 turned out to be a huge success, but some fans still felt the use of three playable characters diminished the plot. This is mainly due to the number of missions compared to the number of characters, and the roles the three characters play in the overall plot.

That leaves us with one question: should GTA 6 have multiple protagonists, following in GTA 6’s footsteps, or should it return to a single, set protagonist?

There is no reason why multiple protagonists should damage the story. GTA 5’s mistake was in not having enough missions for all three, and for not giving each character an equal amount of focus in the story. That doesn’t have to happen again. Some stories need to be told through multiple viewpoints. A GTA story could easily support multiple protagonists, each with his or her character arc and plot importance. One possible method would be to star the protagonist and antagonist of a single story, showing the same plot from each perspective.

Overall, however, players seem wary of another story that tries to include multiple playable characters. Many GTA fans hope to see either a single protagonist, or multiple protagonists with their own, separate (or loosely intersecting) stories.

Anything can work, if executed correctly. The bottom line is GTA 6 should do what is best for the story. If it has a story that works best with multiple protagonists, then it should have multiple protagonists. If it has a story that works best when focused on a single character, then it shouldn’t shoehorn in additional protagonists just for the sake of having them.

That’s our opinion, but what about yours? Do you want to see GTA 6 follow in GTA 5’s footsteps and include multiple playable characters, or is one protagonist all you think GTA 6 needs? And if you’re interested in multiple protagonists, how would you like the game to handle them?

Share all your thoughts on the potential for multiple protagonists in GTA 6 in the comments below.