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We have some good news for the Pokemon fans that live in Japan, as Niantic, the developer of the Pokemon Go game, has announced that the gamers are now able to sign-up for the Pokemon Go “field test”. Keep in mind that the field test has not yet started, but it will start later this month, followed by other countries in the weeks to come.

Niantic developer has officially announced this by saying that “The Pokemon Company and Niantic will be inviting users to field test Pokemon Go in Japan later this month”. According to the developer, the test program will be available only to a limited number of users who will have access to the application. These users will also have the opportunity to report bugs and share early feedbacks so that the developer can improve the game before it gets released to the public.

In Pokemon Go, the players will be able to catch, train and even battle monsters in the real world. Unfortunately, Niantic didn’t provide more information about how the game will actually work. In addition, the gamers will be able to play Pokemon Go using a Pokemon Go Plus device, which is like a smartwatch and it can be worn around the wrist. This device will be able to execute in-game commands such as catching a pokemon or sending it to battle. The Pokemon Go Plus will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and it will let the players know when a Pokemon is nearby by flashing its LED and vibrate.

The Pokemon Go will hit the Google Play Store and App Store sometime in 2016 and it will be a free to play game. However, the game will also come with in-app purchases, but that’s something usual, especially when it comes to free to play games.

Niantic has managed to raise 20 million dollars last year from a few investors such as Google, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.