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Some GTA 5 fans are disappointed that the newly-announced GTA Online event has nothing to do with a new update or content, but others think this is a sign of hope. Optimistic fans say the latest Double GTA$ and Double RP events in GTA Online usually precede big content updates, and that the intention is to let players build up a hefty amount of cash before the wave of content they’ll want to buy.

While that could be seen as reading a little too much into Rockstar’s motivations, it’s not completely unfounded. There have been several events right in a row, giving players ample opportunity to double their in-game money and reputation. It makes sense they’re preparing for something larger.

But what sort of DLC might be up next?

At this point, single-player DLC for GTA 5 feels as though it will never happen, so this will probably be content focused on the online gameplay, with items or vehicles you can use in the single-player mode, as usual.

GTA Online updates are frequently paired with holidays, such as the Valentine’s Day update last month. We’re just a couple weeks away from St. Patrick’s Day. There has never been GTA 5 St. Patrick’s Day DLC, but they could always give it a try for the first time this year. Likewise, Easter DLC is a possibility to consider, as well.

New updates aren’t always tied to holidays, though. The 86th Geneva International Motor Show began on March 3 and will continue through March 13. Additional cars are always appreciated in a game like Grand Theft Auto, and maybe Rockstar will add some new vehicle designs based on the models used in the Motor Show.

Meanwhile, of course, some rumors just never die. A handful of fans remain convinced the Casino DLC or Zombie mode is right around the corner. If we had a dollar of GTA$ for every time we heard those rumors, we wouldn’t need Double GTA$ events to prepare us for whatever update is coming up next…

Do you think the recent GTA Online events means new GTA 5 DLC is on the horizon? What sort of content do you think will be released for GTA 5 and GTA Online next? And regardless of how likely it is, what sort of DLC do you wish would be released next? Let us know in the comments!