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The iPhone SE will be released in the next weeks and it’s still not known what will be its final design. Case suppliers are still undecided about the overall shape, as there are many minor details that must be settled on. MacRumors got its hands on some pictures indicating that the iPhone SE will look like a more rounded iPhone 5S, but this won’t be the final design. Currently, there are two “distinct case designs still floating around this close to the iPhone SE’s launch, it’s clear there is still confusion over just what Apple intends to release”.

One of the cases shows that the iPhone SE is slightly different from the iPhone 5S, featuring a power button on the top edge, not on the side, as on the latest iPhones, and the edges are a bit curved. The second case showed that the edges are more curved and the position of the power button was on the side. However, uSwitch doesn’t have solid information, and this means that the final design of the iPhone SE will be closer to the 5S than to the newer iPhones. Either way, the camera holes are allowing the use of a protruding camera module, like that of the iPhone 6/6S.

Early rumors claimed that the 4-inch iPhone will be called iPhone 5SE, but it seems that Apple has decided to drop the “5” and according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple leaker and analyst, the device will cost between $400 and $500, which means that it will be cheaper than the iPhone 5S, whose price starts from £379 (around $530).

The iPhone SE will have a 12MP rear camera borrowed from the iPhone 6S, will house an A9 chipset and a NFC chip to allow users to make payments with Apple Pay, it will internal memories of 16G and 64GB (it’s not sure if a 128GB variant will be supported), and the battery will be larger than that of the iPhone 5S.

French website NEW claims that the 3D Touch technology will be used on this upcoming phone’s display, but it remains to be seen.

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