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A new update that will come to Clash of Clans will bring some changes to the Clan Wars matchmaking. The game will be improved and it will raise the quality of war matchups, so if you want to enjoy the new gaming experience, we suggest you to install this update right away.

It seems that the developers have overhauled the matchmaking system of the Clan War and from now on, it will provide a more competitive and fun warring experience for all Clash of Clans players.

Because of these changes, some Clans of Clans players will need to wait a bit longer than the average 5min-20min matchmaking time that they are used to. Here is more information about what the new Clan Wars Matchmaking comes with:

– The War sized 35vs35 and 45vs45 will be removed in order to boost the matches in other war sizes;
– Clan Wars matchmaking will put less emphasis on offensive (army) progress and a much greater emphasis on defensive (village) progress;
– The powerful defensive and troops that are found in the end-game such as Eagle Artillery, Grand Warden and Inferno Towers will now have a greater matchmaking impact;
– Matchmaking will also favor matches between Clans that have a similar recent loss/win record in their recent wars;
– Team vs. Team compositional checks have been added in order to remove imbalanced war matchups.

However, keep in mind that this new matchmaking system will not guarantee perfect matches all the time, which means that sometimes you will notice that a Clan is way weaker than another one and will still be matched to fight with each other. However, the company will continuously work on this aspect and make sure that, in the near future, these fights will be well balanced.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Clan Wars that will be released for Clash of Clans in the near future?

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