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This fall, App will release the iPhone 7 and we have plenty reports telling us a few things about its specs and features, but in this article we’ll make predictions for the iPhone that will be released next year. Rumors suggest that Apple will incorporate an OLED display technology, but not all future devices will benefit from it, due to supply constraints.

Sources say that, in December, Apple has contacted LG and Samsung, its display suppliers and told them to ramp up OLED production in time for the arrival of the iPhone 8. Nikkei reported also that the big company has talked to several industry associations and informed them about the potential change from the upcoming iPhone.

OLED will have unique properties and Apple will want to take full advantage of them in order to be able to build the first iPhone with a curved screen. In 2014, Samsung has managed to releasedthe first phablet with a display curved on one side, then in 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge came as the dual-edge variant of the new flagship, and by the end of the year, the company brought a phablet version of the Edge model.

Apple is in a direct competition with Samsung and it’s trying its best to impress its fans, who really want an iPhone with a display curved on both sides. Their dream might come true in 2017, if rumors are true, but only if the manufacturers will have plenty time to comply with Apple’s desire.

An iPhone with an OLED display will surely boost Apple’s sales and this is the reason why the company wants the panel makers to fit in time and allow Apple to make adjustments to its device.

In November, Nikkei reported that Apple will switch to OLED displays, but the predicted time when this could happen was 2018. One of the panel developers is Sharp and the company has announced that will be producing OLED displays, but now that Foxconn has decided to acquire it, the investments could be postponed.

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